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Setting up a yacht charter business in Croatia and handling VAT for charters can be difficult, time consuming and costly. That's why we're here to help make it a smooth and efficient process. If you would like us to send you a price quote and brief outline of how we can handle your charter business and VAT needs, please fill out this request form.

The size of your vessel does NOT matter. Our knowledgeable staff will handle all of your charter business and VAT matters in Croatia.

Charter Tax Key Points

Charter business can be performed by NON-EU and EU charter companies with commercially registered yachts.

  1. To set up a yacht for charter business in Croatia (approx. 2 - 3 weeks), a charter company needs:

    a) To obtain VAT and PIN numbers with the Croatian tax office when embarking guests in Croatia or a non-EU country. (When embarking guests outside the EU, EU charter companies cannot use their own VAT number for VAT payment in Croatia on a pro-rata basis)

    b) To list the yacht in "E-crew" (a central online database) of the Croatian Ministry of Maritime Affairs.

    Only commercial yachts who are embarking guests in another EU country do not need to obtain VAT and PIN numbers and do not need to be listed in E-crew

  2. All Non-EU flagged commercial yachts are required to obtain a charter license regardless of whether the yacht will embark guests in another EU or Non-EU country. The license is valid for the calendar year. The number of licenses issued might be limited based on the Croatian market supply situation.

  3. All Non- Eu flagged commercial yachts who do not possess a charter license can cruise in Croatian territorial waters only between international ports, to and from shipyards, and only with crew on board

  4. All commercial yachts need to have proof of their VAT status in the EU

  5. Charter companies, unless from Non EU counties, aren’t obliged to appoint VAT representative in Croatia, but it is recommended to do so.

  6. All charter companies (EU and Non-Eu) are not obliged to appoint a local maritime agent or charter company for usage of the online E-crew system, unless they are preforming year-round charter business in Croatia, but it is recommended that they do so.

  7. VAT for charter activities with overnight stay is 13%. Daily charters are 25%

  8. We here at MYS Yachting would be happy to act as your VAT & Fiscal Representative, as well as your Maritime Agent if needed. Fill out the form by clicking the 'VAT Request' button and get a price quote. We look forward to hearing from you.

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