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THE FAMILY LIFE Croatia is an ideal destination for the perfect combination of active adventures and peaceful pastimes for an exciting whole family holiday. Charter a yacht for one to two weeks and tour the coast with the kids. There is a great variety of activities that you can choose from on sea, land, and rivers. Everybody can find outdoor activities and adventures that fit them best through personalized itineraries and routes created to fit each family’s summertime preferences. For example:

Numerous hidden bays and beaches are ideal for kayaking expeditions on Adriatic Sea in Dubrovnik, Trogir, Split and Mljet. Discover otherwise unreachable caves and hidden beaches by paddling near impressive sea cliffs and walls of rocks. This is one way to offer relaxation and swimming at the most attractive locations of Croatia.

Experience the wonders of scuba diving. Dive into crystal clear waters and meet Croatia’s intriguing sea life, whether off island Vis, Hvar, or Brijuni. Working only with accredited professional instructional divers and the best equipment, MYS will make sure your first diving experience will be a highlight of your island holiday!

With the right equipment, skilled instructors and the right conditions it is possible for beginners after just few hours to make great progress and start enjoying windsurfing on their own. Test your skills off Bol, Zadar, Brijuni or Hvar. Our charter yachts offer these assorted pleasures either on board or upon request:
● Water-skiing ● Wakeboarding ● Banana rides ● Parasailing ● Paddleboards ● Jet Ski ● Sea Doo ● Sea Bob ● Inflatable Slides, Tubes and Trampolines ● Extreme Jetlev and Flyboards ● Water bikes ● Water hammocks

Start with a full-family, brief training session on off-road vehicles and quad in an off-road training ground. Once instructed, you are ready to start an unforgettable adventure. Ride up through forests and rocky slopes that descend to the sea where you will, on different surfaces, feel the charm of this type of vehicle control. Suggested in Konavle and on the islands of Cetina, and Šolta.

A jeep safari is the perfect opportunity for getting to know the most interesting rural parts of the country. Depending on your desires, you will have at your disposal, an adrenaline spiking tour or a cultural relaxing excursion. An exciting and scenic ride on four-wheel drive vehicles in a beautiful place like Hvar or Mosor is one special experience that you will remember long after you return home.

Depending on the general fitness of family members, different biking routes are provided. Generally, the tours take you through small island and inland settlements, rolling fields and endless vineyards. A qualified guide will lead and help you discover the natural, cultural, and gastronomical beauty of Croatia, making your day outing an unforgettable experience for young and old.

The passion of cycling reveals a string of pleasures, the first of which is the unique feeling of closeness to the landscape through which one is riding. Choose the adrenalin, educational, historical or gastronomic routes and explore charming landscapes in Istria, Vidova Gora on the island of Brač, or in the capital city of Zagreb.
Spend one great day out and travel the island of Korčula on donkeys! This activity, simply called a “Donkey Safari” is a really unique experience and great fun. “Travel” through olive groves and typically beautiful scenery until you reach an island ranch and then kick back and enjoy organic, homemade, all-natural food.

Man has always dreamed of flying. We can’t influence what you dream about, but this adventure can make you feel as if you were flying. Imagine being 80 meters above the ground and flying 120 km/h for 2 km with magnificent scenery below you. Total length of the zip line cable in Omiš is 1700 meters which makes it the longest one-piece line in Europe.

Enjoy the spectacular beauty of the National Park Paklenica whose lush woods and looming mystery will amaze you step by step. Depending on the physical abilities of the group members, we provide different hiking routes, with stops at beautiful sights with breathtaking views.

Climbing the cliffs in Omiš, Paklenica or Hvar means that you will not only enjoy great rock climbing but also breathless views of hills, blue sea, nearby islands, and authentic stone architecture. There are numerous climbing sites in Croatia, both for beginners and experienced climbers alike. Here climbing means creating a lifetime memory.

Abseiling is the controlled descent down a rock face using a rope. It has become a popular activity in the city of Dubrovnik as the first thing you will notice when you arrive are the magnificent, ancient stone walls that surround the city. No previous experience is needed for this adventure, because rock-climbing instructors will monitor you all the time. Let the abseil adrenaline invigorate you before serenely walking around the city walls.

Rafting is a combination of adventure, sport, and fun and it has reached its success in the Omiš area. The quiet parts of the river and the second and third grade rapids enable a combination of adventure and relaxation in the amazing Cetina river canyon.
You walk through the river and rapids, pass through subterranean tunnels, swim in natural river basins, bypass waterfalls and lakes...That is the canyoning experience!

Extreme canyoning offers you a more exciting and stronger experience of the river canyon than just canyoning. Together with walking and swimming through the canyon it also consists of a two-rope lowering down a cliff.

A canoe trip can be one of the most relaxing, healthy and enjoyable ways to spend a few active hours in nature.
This is a great and unusual way to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Dalmatian hinterland. The fun and relaxing floating through the crystal green waters of the river is ideal for all generations.
The list goes on of course. Croatia is one of the world’s most magnificent countries to experience by yacht. 1000+ kilometers of coastline, 1200+ islands up and down the coast. Coves, bays, beaches, caves, cliffs, parks, islets – you could come back ten times and not see it all. Bring the family, choose your pleasures and MYS Yachting will design an itinerary for all of you to enjoy, and help you fill the family album with memories... to last for generations!

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